Arya Gurukul

Arya Gurukul is one of the AryaGlobal schools, a group started 29 years ago with St. Mary’s High School in Kalyan, Mumbai. This initiative was pioneered and is still managed by Neelam and Bharat Malik. Arya Gurukul provides a CBSE Senior Secondary School curriculum, supported by Little Aryans, a pre-school with options ranging from playgroup and nursery to daycare and kindergarten.

Arya Gurukul was the first Chinmaya Vision School in Maharashtra and is ranked first in India in the Chinmaya Vision Programme. Arya Gurukul has also been awarded the prestigious SQAA accreditation from CBSE.

At the heart of Arya Gurukul lies a distinct vision; to help children build a strong and sustainable foundation that is based in Indian culture and values while preparing them to become confident and capable global citizens. This vision is based on the four pillars of the Chinmaya Vision Integrated Development, Indian Culture, Patriotism and Universal Outlook. Given the demands of the 21st century, these aspects have never been more relevant.

In the Academic Year 2017, Arya Gurukul has launched a new branch in Ambernath. Parents have the option of transferring their children between schools and curriculums offered by AryaGlobal for no additional fees or trouble. This makes AryaGlobal the only flexible SSC/CBSE combination available in Mumbai, or in all of India.

With steady and definite growth, the group is well on its way to the AryaGlobal vision of becoming a centre of excellence before the end of this decade.


To be a premier educational organization that provides foundation for life in the global world to the next generation. 


To prepare the 21st-century learners, meeting the highest educational and ethical standards in a caring and collaborative environment that is supported by Motivated WorkforceTechnology and Research; while Partnering with Higher EducationFamilyCivic Organizations and Businesses.  

Our Dream:

To be a nurturing incubator for young minds to develop and bloom to their full potential.

Our Motto:

Satyam Shivam Sundaram [Truth=Goodness=Success]

Our Objectives & Goals

  1. To impart knowledge in all fields so that the learner can make a head start in life with a clear vision.
  2. To make the learner efficient both at personal and social level creating extraordinary students.
  3. To make a concerted effort to take education towards global standards.

We at Arya Gurukul believe that the present day education system is designed to produce a good professional, but does not necessarily guarantee a good human being. So a distinctive approach is needed in order that the children grow up to be active, curious, responsible and thinking individuals. Arya Gurukul seeks to address this need through the implementation of the Chinmaya Vision Programme that promotes holistic development of a child.

Arya Gurukul, located at a picturesque, pollution free area in Nandivali Village, Kalyan(E) offer children between the ages of 6-17 years the opportunity to establish a strong and life long foundation . A foundation on which they can build a character that is robust and towering. The students are thus thoroughly prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Arya Gurukul aims at providing an education which provides children with opportunities to unleash their talents. We are committed to excellence in learning. Our curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are designed to keep in mind the areas of growth and development, which include intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional aspects. While our schools are growing, we also ensure that the quality of education imparted within these schools also constantly evolves. With the inclusion of technology-based learning in our classrooms, we have realised and leveraged the advantage offered by enhancing traditional learning with rich audio-visual media.

Salient Features of Arya Gurukul

  1. Chinmaya Vision Program
  2. A fear-free environment for students through freedom of expression.
  3. Non Filmy programs. Students writing scripts, lyrics and composing music for Annual Day.
  4. Students Empowerment program: organising events live extempore performances. Teachers provide an opportunity to learners for self-learning through inquiry, exploration, discovery, experimentation analysis, problem-solving to make learning effective. Every learner is given an opportunity and encouraged to write own answers accordingly to their perception.
  5. Research-Based learning and integrated projects are exclusively done in the school.
  6. 100% participation of students in all the activities.
  7. School monitors each learner’s progress across all subjects and co-scholastic are tracks. Individual learner’s progress and performances Improvement program for students arranged.
  8. Multisports culture.
  9. Experiential Learning Method
  10. Foster and Nurturing of the student’s talent in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.
  11. Well qualified teachers.
  12. Well designed Edu-richment program for teachers.
  13. Periodic Leadership training Program for HODs
  14. Well, planned curriculum printed in the School Diary.
  15. School involves the teachers in planning and designing the curriculum.
  16. Teachers classroom analysis is done quarterly. Hence teachers reflect on their own resources and develop strategies for improvement.

Positively Encouraging

  1. Motivational workshops for students
  2. Journalism training
  3. Power Capsule Assembly
  4. Involvement of students in the planning
  5. Interviewing and interacting with famous personalities
  6. Sex Education.
  7. Accountability, responsibility, civic consciousness, respecting nature and education in citizenship.
  8. Students council inculcating self-discipline among other students.
  9. Pupil constitution codes made by the students.
  10. Honouring all the students for their achievements in academics.

Spiritually Engaging

  1. Meditation and Yoga for students
  2. Geeta Chanting
  3. Opening prayers, Closing, and before and after meals prayers
  4. 100% participation in Gayatri Havan and Matru Pitru poojan
  5. The celebration of all the festivals
  6. Value Education through Chinmaya Vision Programme

The basic concepts of CVP are

  1. Integrated Development: Physical Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual aspects of Human being.
  2. Indian Culture: Knowing our own Heritage through exposure and knowledge of Indian Culture.
  3. Patriotism: Creating true citizenship, civic accountability and responsibility.
  4. Universal Outlook: Teaching ourselves and our children to develop a perspective that we share an integral and organic relationship with everyone and everything around us.

Effectual Enjoyable and enriching Experiences

  1. Masti Ki Patshala
  2. Movie Making
  3. Attending International Seminar
  4. Field Trips to various locations

Emotionally involving

  1. Inculcating seva bhav
  2. Project Humanitarian
  3. Chinmaya Vision Program
  4. Giving Gratitude
  5. Imbibing Positive emotions
  6. Handling negative emotions
  7. Working towards response verses reactio
  8. Visit to old age home, blind school
  9. Grandparents day Celebration.

Teaching Staff

  1. A set of qualified experienced and dedicated teaching staff.
  2. Experienced Heads of Department to facilitate, coordinate and monitor efficiency in work.
  3. Special Counsellor to guide, encourage and initiate learning in slow learners.
  4. Regular parent-teacher meetings to keep parents informed of their wards.
  5. Periodic in house orientations to refresh and renew teaching skills.
  6. Seminars and Workshops held regularly to keep abreast with new teaching processes and improved curriculum.
  7. Entire staff trained to guide, inspire and make the students think and discover for themselves.
  8. Series of Internal Leadership Training for HODs.

Arya Gurukul facilities:

  1. School buses for transport to all nearby suburbs.
  2. Professionally trained counsellors to help students struggling with stress or other psychological problems.
  3. A medical room for student care and attention, with regular medical checkups and counselling to parents on healthy lifestyle and preventive measures.
  4. A student cafeteria on school premises with nutritional snacks and healthy drinks, all fresh food prepared in the cafeteria kitchen with strict standards of cleanliness.
  5. A school goshaala and vegetable garden introduce students to the useful domestic aspects of life urban children are deprived of

Arya Gurukul is accredited by CBSE in the year 2012. The school has all the process in place, conducts internal audit twice a year and well documented.


Arya Gurukul