The importance of Fitness and its positive implications on all aspects of life cannot be undermined. An early start towards fitness contributes to health and wellbeing in the long run. Building on the idea of “Fit India Movement”, an initiative by the Honourable Prime Minister, CBSE celebrates the Third and Fourth Weeks in November as the “Fit India School Week”. The aim is to build a love for sports and a zeal to achieve a healthy lifestyle in children. All through the week students engaged in activities like Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Skipping etc. They also engaged in Poster Making and mental health activities like Debates and Symposiums. Even the teachers and staff members were seen enthusiastically engaging in healthy activities such as Yoga, Free Hand exercises and discussions on Nutrition.

It is a hope that the students will be impacted by such interactions and continue making healthy choices all through their lives.

Here are some of the drawings done by the students.