Swami Tejomayananda Birth Anniversary

On the auspicious occasion of respected Swami Tejomayananda Saraswati’s birth anniversary, the students of Arya Gurukul, Nandivali organised a special assembly and a beautiful program. During this event, the students highlighted the many works of Swamiji in which he selflessly worked towards the betterment of the society through the Chinmaya Mission.

The students engaged in a skit along with stunning dance performances.

The revered Swamiji headed the Chinmaya Mission between 1994 and 2017. During his tenure he has undertaken many roles to spread the teachings of the mission across the world. Swamiji has also published more than 100 books on Vendanta and is the composer of the lilting Sanskrit Birthday song “Janamadinamidam”.

Beautiful songs and quotes from his books filled the air at the school with a renewed energy and inspiration.

Amrut 2022

Arya Gurukul Group of Schools and Education Today Foundation organized Amrut 2022 – a mega-event highlighting the implications of the New Education Policy.

The event also recognized the people who made a remarkable contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was held on 9 April 2022 at Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre Rangmandir, Kalyan and had expert speakers throw light on the topic.

This event also honoured several eminent public figures with the ‘ETF Lifetime Achievement’ and ‘ETF HumanE awards, for their contributions in their respective fields. The special guest present at the event was Padmashree awardee, Dr Jitendra Singh Shunty, who presented the awards to the various awardees.

Thane Style

Maharashtra Day / Labour Day

Arya Gurukul, Nandivali and St. Mary’s High School, Chakki Naka observed Maharashtra Day and Labour Day on 1st May,2022 to commemorate the day when the state was formed back in 1960.

At Arya Gurukul Ambernath, the event was given an auspicious start with the traditional lighting of the lamp and applying the Chandan tilak to all. 


Save Soil Movement

The Save the Soil Movement has brought in a new level of awareness among each one of us regarding the delicate matter of soil conservation. The Movement which is a project of the Isha Foundation, founded by Sadhguru brings to light the urgent situation around us. It has been creating awareness about the necessity of soil conservation and the impact it has on everything from climate to vegetation.

This Movement which took birth in 1998 has been slowly and steadily gaining traction towards spreading awareness. It has been supported by the United Nations (it received the UN ECOSOC accreditation in 2007), followed by the launch of the Rally for Rivers in 2017, which the Indian Government adopted to save the country’s soil and rivers.

Recently, the students of Arya Gurukul played an active role in furthering the message of this movement. They started by understanding the implications of the project and studying the root cause of matters such as depletion of our topsoil.

They even created posters, gave speeches and wrote letters to our Hon’able Prime Minister regarding the views on the matters of concern. Participating in this movement was indeed a great learning experience and an eye-opener of our students and teachers.

We thank our students for their active participation and for showing empathy for matters concerning our mother earth.

Sadhguru`s Letter to School

Save Soil PPT

Arya Gurukul celebrated 73 years of India’s Republic Day

Our rights and responsibilities go hand in hand and this Republic Day is a stark reminder of the importance of both. Being a responsible citizen today has a basic code of conduct. Health and safety have become a priority among other things. So let us all be responsible citizens and help our nation charge forth towards healing and progress.


Arya Gurukul celebrated 73 years of India’s Republic Day with great pomp and jubilation. Republic day was celebrated under the theme of Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav.


The program was conducted both in virtual and physical mode. It was live telecast for parents and students which included speeches in English, Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit, graceful dance performances, music, and art gallery display. Students also gave a brief description on the national war memorial and the NCC activities conducted in school by air and naval cadets.

Students displayed skills through Marchpast and Yoga. Nearly 250 students and about 100 teachers, and parents of Arya Gurukul participated in physical celebration. They together formed the map of India on the ground, which turned out to be a sight to behold.

More than 1000 students and parents together witnessed the programme remotely from home.

The event was ended with the vote of thanks and singing of national song.

AryaGlobal Group observes International Yoga Day on a grand scale.

AryaGlobal’s Yoga Day celebration is one of the most anticipated events each year. This year, the group arranged for a 12-day virtual Yoga training program for all its members. The training included practice of various Yoga asanas and the correct way of performing them, followed by meditation.  This program was conducted in the early hours, every morning from 9th June, culminating in a grand event on the 21st June to celebrate “International Yoga Day”. 

Please find the Youtube Live video here – https://youtu.be/4LDJ2jmU8UU

Arya Gurukul observes World Environment Day 2021 

The United Nations General Assembly initiative observes the 5th of June every year as World Environment Day. Arya Gurukul School hosted a virtual event on this day to discuss matters concerning the Environment, restoration of nature, curbing pollution, bringing about sustainable changes, making the earth greener and a better place to live in.

The theme for this year’s Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration and the event by Arya Gurukul resonated with this theme in its event.

Matru Pitru Poojan 2020

Arya Gurukul, Nandivali, Kalyan (E) celebrated Matru Pitru Poojan on Saturday, 24th October 2020 with euphoria and exuberance by expressing gratitude and Love for the ones who taught the real meaning of Love, who Love unconditionally lifelong i.e. Parents. Maru Pitru Poojan is a day of celebration of Love in its TRUE form between the most loved ones (Parents and Children).

Inter-school, eco-friendly Ganesh idol making workshop 2020

Education Today Foundation organised an online, inter-school, eco-friendly Ganesh idol making workshop on 16th August. The program was streamed online to be accessed by students from across the city through Microsoft Teams App.
A total of around 105 participants from 3 schools i.e. Arya Gurukul, Nandivli, Arya Gurukul, Ambernath and St. Mary’s High School had registered for the event. Each participant received a certificate of participation.

Independence Day Celebrations 2020

The AryaGlobal group of schools kept its tradition alive by celebrating India’s 74th Independence Day. The hoisting of the Indian flag at Arya Gurukul school grounds and the live streaming through Microsoft Teams made it possible for all students and parents to watch the event from their homes. This kept the patriotic spirit intact even in dreary times such as these.

An array of illuminating speeches by the Management, Principals, and dignitaries delivered the message that India has moved ahead in terms of growth and development, and now it is a time for the youth to take the baton ahead.

To commemorate this special day, Arya Gurukul engaged in a noble cause. A Blood Donation camp was organized at the school premises in association with Breeze Charitable Trust. It was a successful camp and will help save many lives

Fit India Movement

The importance of Fitness and its positive implications on all aspects of life cannot be undermined. An early start towards fitness contributes to health and wellbeing in the long run. Building on the idea of “Fit India Movement”, an initiative by the Honourable Prime Minister, CBSE celebrates the Third and Fourth Weeks in November as the “Fit India School Week”. The aim is to build a love for sports and a zeal to achieve a healthy lifestyle in children. All through the week students engaged in activities like Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Skipping etc. They also engaged in Poster Making and mental health activities like Debates and Symposiums. Even the teachers and staff members were seen enthusiastically engaging in healthy activities such as Yoga, Free Hand exercises and discussions on Nutrition.

It is a hope that the students will be impacted by such interactions and continue making healthy choices all through their lives.

Here are some of the drawings done by the students.

National Education Day

Arya Gurukul celebrated November 11 as ‘National Education Day’ to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He was independent India’s first education minister and pioneer of the education system in the country. Here are some of the drawings that were made by our students.
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Swacchata Hi Seva

Arya Gurukul School, Nandivali took part and joined the Government of India initiative – “Swacchata Hi Seva”. The NCC cadets organised a Mass Public Awareness Cycle Rally – “Mega Swacchata Pakwada” on 28th September 2019.

The students of Arya Gurukul and other members of society pledged to keep their surroundings clean and eliminate the use of plastic.

15th August Independence Day, 2019

Arya Gurukul celebrated the 73rd year of India’s Independence on 15th August with great patriotic fervor, zest and zeal. The celebrations began with unfurling the national flag by the Principal of Arya Gurukul, Mrs. Radhamani Iyer, followed by the National Anthem and a speech by the principal.
Also included were an array of cultural programmes including patriotic songs and dances, speeches in Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit and English by the students. An impressive dance competition by the students, added glory and grace to the occasion.

Cooking Activity at Arya Gurukul school

MANTHAN – INSPIRING EXCELLENCE – The Art, Craft & Science Festival – 2019

The spectacular event of ‘Manthan – Inspiring Excellence’ an Art, Craft & Science Festival organized by Education Today Foundation, was held at Arya Gurukul School, Kalyan East on 10th & 11th August 2019. Celebrated with the aim of promoting and developing scientific thinking and aesthetic sense and creating awareness amongst all, about the importance of science and technology,

This year the theme was STEAM CHALLENGES – METAMORPHOSIS. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math. STEAM Challenge is a project that gets children to explore, design, test, in Science, Technology and Engineering,

An array of exhibits by students from Grade l to Grade XII working on different themes on various topics as Indian Culture, Women Empowerment, and Science & Technology made the event phenomenal and unique.


Arya Gurukul Primary Section celebrated its 13th Annual Day on 10th April 2019. Around 450 students participated in the event. The theme was “PRIYAM BHARATAM”, a story of ‘The Seven sisters of India’, a land of indigenous people and culture, tribal and aboriginal with a diversity, variations in climate, weather, geographical conditions, manner, costume, living and food-habitsThe wonders of the North-Eastern regions of our country, the bountiful beauty, a peek into the self-sufficient lives of the tribal and immense potential of our northeastern states is a thing to behold. 

Cooking Activity at Arya Gurukul school
Cooking Activity at Arya Gurukul school


Arya Gurukul Secondary Section celebrated its 13th Annual Day on 12th April 2019. Around 800 students participated with great vigor and passion and created a spectacular display of dance, drama, music and art. The theme was “PRIYAM BHARATAM”, the saga of the great warrior Laachit Borphokan. It tells about his personality, the fierce character that he was, the love for his family, for the army, for people and above all, for the Motherland. The story of the beauty of North-east and the great warrior born, had been performed by the students.


Arya Gurukul School celebrated ‘Masti Ki Paathshala; School Sans Books’ from 17th October, 2016 to 20th October, 2016. Children of the 21st century face fierce competition, and challenges appear at every step they take. The digital social world, ever-changing techno environment and a traditional outlook towards education seem to create undue stress among children. Thus evolved the Mantra of Masti ki Paathshala to instill Life Skills in children and  providing  a unique fun-filled learning platform to equip children with humanitarian qualities to live a fulfilling life.

It was a week long celebration, saw children participating in a wide gamut of activities like cooking, pottery and diya making, knitting, crocheting and embroidery, diya painting and fabric painting, acting and dramatics, athletics, baking, field trips, etc.

Cooking Activity at Arya Gurukul school


Children from primary and secondary sections tantalized the taste-buds of everyone by preparing 23 delicious dishes. Paneer stick, pulav, vegetable cutlet, banana halva, etc were on the menu prepared by the students. Cooking helped them understand the importance of measurement, creativity and experimenting. It was a process of sensory exploration and understanding the nutritional value of the healthy food.


There were no better moments than witnessing children’s joy as they sat at the potter’s wheel for the first time and placed their wet hands on slowly spinning clay. The sensory experiences they encountered were numerous. Clay moulding not only develops fine and major motor skills but also has a uniquely therapeutic quality that can settle and calm children; it has the ability to retain their attention for hours. When the children were ready with the pots and diyas, they cradled them with a great sense of pride.


With the needles and threads, students of Arya Gurukul created wonderful designs and intricate patterns. Needle-work promoted a sense of accomplishment amongst the students. The handwork developed their focus and concentration. It enhanced critical thinking and increased hand/eye co-ordination, small motor skills and built their self-esteem.


Children express how they feel and think about the world through their art, which gives them a way to express the feelings and ideas that they don’t have the words to talk about. This was achieved through the activities of Diya Painting and Fabric Painting. It was the process which led to the development of cognitive, social-emotional and multisensory skills. The strokes of the brushes helped them calm-down and helped them in self-expression.

Acting and dramatics workshop at Arya Gurukul school


The dramatics workshop helped the students to understand that drama teaches us more than stage presence and how to memorize lines. The workshop conducted by renowned theatre personality, Shrimati Irawati Lagoo helped the children understand that drama is inextricably linked to our everyday lives. Honing Skills such as voice projection, physical expression, and learning to portray ideas and themes through screen-writing and direction provided drama students with more confidence to communicate.


Students were involved in array of athletic events and whole-heartedly participated in various games and matches. Their zest and zeal could be seen on the ground and in the process they learnt number of life-skills. These activities helped them understand the ability to deal with adversity, to work with others towards a common goal, to overcome obstacles, to fail, to be defeated, and to win.

Athletic events at Arya Grukul School in Kalyan, Ambernath
Activities at Arya Gurukul School in Kalyan


Through the baking activity undertaken by the students of Grade X, they learnt the value of patience, and that following directions can enhance their creativity. Children learn by touching, tasting, seeing, feeling and listening. Activities like baking are ideal for children because all their senses are stimulated.


Students of Arya Gurukul went for a number of field-trips. The field-trip where they were engaged in farming will always remain etched on their hearts as they were involved in hands-on experience on the farm. When they worked as farmers on the farm, they learnt to respect nature, understood the importance of teamwork, value of hardwork, discipline and problem solving skills.

Arya Gurukul Field-trips


The Trip to Pragati Blind School, Badlapur was an eye-opener for the young Aryans because they could peep into the world of blind and were able to understand their way of life. They learnt to empathize with the differently abled people. The spark of life shown by the students of the blind school helped in inspiring the Aryans to lead their life with courage and determination.


Nisha Swasthi, an overnight camp for the students received an overhelming response. It helped students imbibe the value of ‘Sharing and caring’ and it enhanced their mental, physical and intellectual development.

Arya Gurukul Camp


Manthan – Inspiring Excellence is an annual interschool Art, craft and science festival that spans two days. The festival is organised with a motive to inspire excellence in the children of various schools by giving them the opportunity to perform and achieve in many competitions of Art, craft and science through Manthan.


The extravagant annual sports meet ‘Khel Mela’ is held every year at the sprawling environs of Arya Gurukul, with pomp and gusto. The event features an array of programmes including an impressive march past, beautiful tableaus and thrilling athletic events.

Khel Mela at Arya Gurukul in Kalyan
GAYATRI HAVAN at Arya Gurukul School in Kalyan


Pujya Gurudev H H. Swami Chinmayananda has said, “Love and service to our children should be our prime duty”. To inculcate the values and tradition of lndian culture and to develop positive attitude amongst children, Arya Gurukul organizes “Gayatri Havan” in a magnificent way where more than 1000 students participate.

The venue is the assembly hall of Arya Gurukul School located in Nandivali Village, Kalyan (East). Gayatri Havan is performed with the intention of maintaining peace and happiness in the world. The havan is conducted for the children and by the children – from listing of samaghri to building up of Havan Kunds. The activity helps them to understand our culture and traditions. It also helps in developing spiritual and religious attitude and positive approach towards life.


Arya Gurukul organizes a Career Counselling Programme where parents and students from different schools in and around Kalyan participate in the programme. In the programme, eminent personalities, career counsellors, and educational experts share their experience as well as guide the children in the right direction with respect to the fields one can choose and excel in, in the future.

Career Counseling Program at Arya Gurukul School in Kalyan
Annual Day at Arya Gurukul School in Kalyan, Mumbai


Annual Day is Arya Gurukul’s major event of the year where our children dance, sing, and engage in a number of entertainment activities. The event, evey year is based on a them. To give you a clear idea of how we celebrate Annual Day at Arya Gurukul, we bring back the day from the year 2017.

The theme of Annual Day in 2017 was Krishna and Kashi Ganga. Children hence performed on the songs that depicted the pranks of Little Krishna. A Kathak and Ballet performance on features of Ganga was also enacted by the children. The entire performance and choreography were a visual treat to the audience present in the auditorium. Children of Grade X were awarded and felicitated for their outstanding academic performances. Education Today Foundation presented the Lifetime Achievement award to Smt. Promodini Rao – Director, Chinmaya Naada Bindu (Gurukul for Indian Performing Arts) for her contribution in the field of performing Arts, Dr. Snehal Vithani for her contribution in the field of Health & Fitness and Mr. Vidyadhar Bhuskute for his contribution towards society to spread awareness with regards to social awareness. The programme concluded with the performance of Mahaganga Aarti which spread the message of Love for Nature – “Save the Environment – Save the World.”


Every year, Arya Gurukul invites parents to participate in the joyful celebration of ‘Matru Pitru Poojan‘. The school hosts the biggest gathering of parents and their wards in its campus that is rightly called Matru Pitru Poojan.

Matru Pitru Poojan aims to lay emphasis on the tradition of creating greater bondage between parents and teachers.

During the Pooja, children worship their parents by bowing down to touch their feet and promise to be grateful forever for the invaluable sacrifices done by them. The Pooja starts by invoking the blessings of Godess Saraswati under the spiritual guidance of Swamini Anagananda Acharya of Thane Chinmaya Mission. Children then wash their parents’ feet with fresh water and shower chandan and flowers on them. They also take a vow to be respectful to their parents and to never hurt them through words or action, but to serve them always.

Matru Pitru Poojan at Arya Gurukul School in Kalyan, Ambernath