Best English Medium Schools in Kalyan, Mumbai

Arya Gurukul is equipped with highly-qualified, trained and experienced teachers who understand that children differ in the way they learn and process information.

The one-size-fits-all model of teaching from a book does not benefit the learning process. Individual differences in teachers due to their own learning and experiences result in a lack of uniformity in teaching.

With the varied activities at school and the kind of pressure under which teachers work, it is difficult to stay updated and think of innovative teaching techniques that cater to all kinds of students.

The Arya Gurukul education cell has got all the facilities to overcome this lacuna with this unique 10 point program:

  • Use a team of curriculum designers who present deeply researched plans to the teachers for every chapter in each subject.

  • Custom made and continuously upgrade the curriculum to suit the requirement of Arya Gurukul students.

  • Ensure that the focus is on understanding through practical demos and real life examples, rather than on learning by rote.

  • Enrich the curriculum beyond the text and arouse the curiosity among children.

  • Ensure the plans outline the connection between the skills they learn inside school to life outside school.

  • Integrate the curriculum with music, dance, dramatics, art, craft, physical education, and field trips.

  • Ensure value-based education is imparted.

  • Create application-oriented worksheets.

  • Create a continuous evaluation system with child-friendly assessments that draw out the best from every child.

  • Conduct periodical edurichment programme for teachers in the form of seminars and workshops with hands-on teaching sessions.